Gulfood 2017, Thank you all

We would like to thank all those who honored us with their presence on Gulfood 2017 exhibition and notably Emirates airlines?, Selfridges, Dean & Deluca and Quatar airways for their valuable interest.
Furthermore,we would like to thank all those who supported us and showed us once a time how much you love us.
Our target is to improve ourselves and the quality of our products.

Arkoi Pine Honey with Chios Mastic

A Raw Greek Honeydew Honey derived from Pine trees. Created when bees ingest the sugary secretions left behind by small insects that fed on tree sap as opposed to traditional nectar from flora like most honeys. Fused with the famed Mastic Resin kn...

Greek Traditional Salad, How to enjoy it.

Greek salad cannot be compared with any other salad because of its combining of flavors and its simplicity that are the main features of traditional Greek cuisine. The colorful vegetables that shine under the rich layer of olive oil and the sweet sm...