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Pronounced [ you-lōh-gee-uh ] and directly translated from Greek meaning “blessing.

Eulogia of Sparta was established in 2012, with the philosophy that specific geographic regions are “blessed” with
natural attributes that allow them to cultivate superior quality products due to their climate, terrain, resources and
overall natural placement in the world.

Remote mountains of Olympus, green forests of Mount Athos and the beautiful Aegean islands, compose the Greek
landscape of exquisite beauty; they are also places, where the best wild plants and herbs grow, to provide bees
with the valuable nectar, in order to make the finest quality honey.

In South Peloponnese we are truly blessed to be able to produce premium quality olive oil. Here the earth is
conducive to olive tree thrive,
due to the mild Mediterranean climate, arid and rocky soils and the sun brightness.

Our passion is to provide the most valuable and important gifts of the Greek nature, sealed in a high end packaging
reflecting the premium quality of the product and connotes a luxury, upgraded tasting experience.Our aim is to
deliver the finest, natural, authentic – ‘real’ food products that give pleasure, improves well-being and a healthy


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