Arkoi Pine Honey with Chios Mastic

A Raw Greek Honeydew Honey derived from Pine trees. Created when bees ingest the sugary secretions left behind by small insects that fed on tree sap as opposed to traditional nectar from flora like most honeys.

Fused with the famed Mastic Resin known for its antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. Gathered from mastic trees found only in Chios Island, in the Eastern Aegean sea. Identified as a Protected Designation of Origin Product (PDO).
But, let’s find out some other uses of mastic. First of all, it is known for its action in terms of prevention and treatment of peptic system diseases. Secondly, it absorbs cholesterol, acts as an oral antiseptic, aids digestion, tightens the gums, heals wounds and scientists recently discovered that when it is administrated even in small doses it cures stomach ulcers. As for its pharmaceutical use, it is worth mentioning that it  fights helicobacter Pylori. In dentistry, mastiha is used as a component of dental fillings and tooth moulds. As mastiha is partially dissoluble in alcohol and fully dissoluble in ether, terpentine and other organic solvents, it is widely used in industry.
Last but not least, mastic is used in cooking, baking and sweet making.
Eulogia of Sparta uses this rare ingredient for a unique product named  Arkoi Pine Honey with Chios Mastic!

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