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Greek Traditional Salad, How to enjoy it.

Greek salad cannot be compared with any other salad because of its combining of flavors and its simplicity that are the main features of traditional Greek cuisine.
The colorful vegetables that shine under the rich layer of olive oil and the sweet smells that appetizing.
The best time to be enjoyed is summer. When the tomatoes, the cucumbers and the peppers are at the peak of their maturity and their juices are tastier than ever.
In Greece, there is no individual who does not know how to make a greek salad.
The Greek salad is made with very specific materials. There is a collection of random vegetables and herbs.
Materials to be included in an authentic Greek salad are:
-Tomatoes. The more fresh, succulent, ripe tomatoes that can be found. In big pieces.
-Cucumber. Cold, peeled, cut into rings.
-Green peppers. The more thin, the better. In rings.
-Red Onion. Undoubtedly strong and sometimes spicy. Cut into rings.
-Olives with the pit. Big, succulent, Kalamon variety. Some prefer Throumpes other green. Choose freely. Did you see? I can compromise.
-Feta cheese. Hard, salty, creamy, cut into a chunk.
-Oregano. Dry and plenty.
– And the most important, olive oil. Eulogia of Sparta’s Premium Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil .

Gently mix in a bowl of tomato, cucumber, pepper, onion and salt and transfer them in a deep dish or a salad bowl.
Add over olives and feta cheese and sprinkle with oregano.
Finally pour all ingredients with Eulogia of Sparta’s Premium Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil .

Serve immediately with plenty of bread.

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