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Pine honey with mastiha

A raw Greek honeydew honey derived from pine trees of the virgin landscapes in Arkoi Island. In this hidden paradise of exceptional beauty in Aegean Sea, bees are working every day to produce pure natural honey, this unique nectar from pine trees under the warm sun of the Mediterraneanpine honey with mastiha
This honey is full of unique flavor notes based on hives’ location, season..
Also with high medicinal importance, has been documented in the world’s oldest medical literatures, and since the ancient times

The tears of the mastic tree have made Chios renowned for hundred of years throughout the world . It is the natural resin that oozes from the trunk and branches of the tree.
Chios mastiha is recognized from the ancient times both for its special, indescribable aroma and for its therapeutic properties, some of which are known since antiquity. In medicine it has been used to treat high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, bronchitis and stomachache. In pharmaceuticals, it has been used in vitamin manufacture. It has also been used in dentistry and cosmetics industry

Combining it with the miraculous mastic of Chios, this exceptional honey’s unique flavor and scents fill up your senses in rhythms of nature

Travel to tradition and Greek nature: Wandering With Sight, Smell, And Taste

Arkoi Island: A mysterious contrast with the deep blue of the sea shadowed from rich combinations of colors surrounded from the virgin landscapes.
Nature is absolute master in this island

Pyrgi village: a picturesque medieval village on the island of Chios, known as the “painted village” thanks to the unique facade of the stone houses, which mostly consist of stunning grey and white decorative motives in geometrical shapes.

pine honey with mastiha

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