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Oregano and honey. Discover the thruth

Oregano is a food that is extremely delicious and nutritionally beneficial. More specifically, it is full of vitamins, minerals, trace minerals and roughage. In addition, it has antioxidant action that protects the cells from damage and aging, helps in the formation of collagen and thirdly it keeps the teeth and gums healthy. In addition, the oregano has an antiseptic effect, inhibiting the growth of bacteria and fungi, contributing to better digestion. Moreover, it acts against intestinal disorders and is valuable for stomach problems. Besides the benefits listed above, the oregano acts against cholesterol and triglycerides. Last but not least, it reduces the chances of developing colon cancer. In conclusion, the combination of the oregano and the best organic honey ever produced, produces Wild Oregano Honey. On the one hand, Wild Oregano Honey is delicious and on the other hand, it is beneficial for the organism. Try it….

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