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Olive oil, the secret of longevity

It is true that Mediterranean diet ensures the longevity, unlike the western diet. Olive oil is included on a Mediterranean diet. In other words, the olive delays the aging of cells due to its antioxidants. Besides, people that consume olive oil they have low possibilities to confront coronary disease and they also have low possibility to face myocardial infarction. This happens because of the reduction of bad cholesterol level and the maintenance of good cholesterol levels when consuming olive oil. In addition, the olive oil controls the diabetes and it helps on its metabolism by diabetic people.
At last, it is considered that olive oil acts on the prevention of cancer. Summing up, olive oil is beneficial for the body and more specifically it helps on the longevity and it protects from heart diseases, cancer and premature aging of cells. So, because of the above reasons. olive oil should be added on your diet.

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