Ultra Premium Olive Oil with White Truffle, Diamond of Eulogia of Sparta

The combination of white truffle which comes from Alba and Molise and the excellent olive oil from Monemvasia, made up the Ultra Premium Olive Oil with White Truffle.
But, let’s find out more about truffle. Truffles are a relatively rare species of an underground mushroom that grows in the roots of some trees or bushes. Truffle is literally called “fruit-bearing fertile body” and attaches to the plant with a sprouting composition-structure called “mycelium”. The spawn textures of these fungi envelop the thin root hairs of the plants and suck mainly carbohydrates while the plant roots beneficiate, increasing thus their capability of absorbing from the soil water, nitrogenous substances and other elements like potassium, phosphate, iron and trace elements. Additionally, it is a good source of high protein and carbs. Lastly, truffles are ideal for individuals who cannot and do not want to consume too much fat and the largest benefit to health of truffles is that they are cholesterol free.

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