More health no stress eulogia organic olive oil

Phenols exist on the olive oil by nature to protect the oil from becoming rancid when it receives the destructive attack of air oxygen and solar radiation.

“The olive oil polyphenols contribute
in protecting blood lipids from oxidative stress
as part of a varied and balanced diet. ”

Oil with high phenol content has a high degree of protection and thus durability, while its consumption protects the human cells from oxidative stress.

Much of fruity and bitter taste of olive oil is due to polyphenols

There is a high correlation index between phenols and taste characteristics of the oil. Phenols concentration between 70 and 250 ppm ensures pleasant sweet and fruity taste. The same substances when included in quantity of 250 to 450 ppm impart fruity, spicy and slightly bitter taste to several. Concentrations more than 450 ppm, olive oil has an intensely bitter taste.

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