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Why Are Pure Honey And Active Honey Important?


Nowadays, pure honey and active honey are really beneficial terms to know. It is extremely common for many unaware customers to purchase wrong types of honey while not receiving the healthy nutrients a premium honey could offer. Knowing and understanding these terms can help you identify the differences between other types of honey. As a result, you will be able to choose the right nutritious products that can only improve your healthy lifestyle.

Why should I buy Pure Honey?

Pure honey is the honey that has no extra ingredients (such as different flavors, sugar, syrup and more)  into it . However, pure honey is not always organic or raw. Raw is the honey that does not contain any additives and has not been pasteurized or filtered. Organic honey means that it does not have any chemicals and it is produced from organic plants. For more information about raw and organic honey click here.

Every honey that contains an ingredient, is not pure honey. Pure honey can be any varietal and we can produce it in many different ways. So, pure honey alone is not enough information to choose the most beneficial and healthy honey.

What do I need to know about Active Honey?

Honey that has been tested and certified for having antibacterial properties is called active honey. Active honey can also be anti-inflammatory, antiviral and is one of the most healthy types of honey you can purchase . Most of the times, we measure  active  honey as a number on the package, the bigger the number is, the more anti-bacterial power it has. Although all types of honey have antibacterial properties, the ones that have a number of at least 10 or more are the most effective to human beings.

Active Honey benefits:

  • Contains antioxidants
  • It has anti-bacterial properties
  • It can heal wounds
  • Good for digestive difficulties

What Makes Manuka Honey So Healthy?

The most known active honey is Manuka honey. It is coming from the manuka plant that grows in south-east Australia and New Zealand. It is a good antibacterial and bacterial resistant honey that has many healing properties and benefits such as sore throat relief, oral health improvement, decrease symptoms of common digestive disorders and more. Manuka honey is not raw honey and It is also important to note that it can be quite expensive because of its special health properties and the limited production.

Which Honey Should I Purchase?

In conclusion, pure honey is the honey that does not have any ingredients and it is not always organic or raw. Active honey is the honey that is certified for its antibacterial properties and it is one of the healthiest types of honey. Manuka honey is the most known active honey in the market but also quite expensive. Raw organic or raw organic active honey are the best choice for you to purchase while avoiding regular honey that has been pasteurized which is a process that can kill all good healthy nutrients.

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