wild oregano honey eulogia of sparta

Wild Oregano Honey

Oregano contains a plurality of essential oils either predominantly of thymol and carvacrol, which has been found to inhibit the action of various microorganisms shielding the body from various diseases. Similarly, the oregano and displays strong antioxidant activity.

Origin of HoneyOrigin
Taygetos, Greece

Floral Source of HoneyFloral Source
Wild Oregano

Raw Food ItemRaw Food


Reports from Ancient Greece make joy and happiness as they used symbol wreath at weddings contain oregano branches.

Specifically the two components, the thymol and carvacrol, prevent the action of free radicals and even experimental data show stronger antioxidant ability even synthetically prepared two antioxidants (BHT and BHA) are widely used today in the packaged meat.

High altitudes and calcareous soils, poor, arid, arid with abundant sunshine is a crucial high quality production factors oregano. Small hand production but excellent final product.
Ie. The same mountain we cannot find everywhere the same variety and quality of oregano.

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