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Chestnut honey

Chestnut Honey EulogiaChestnut Honey Eulogia
Eulogia Products Great Taste Awards 3 Star

The best chestnut honey in Greece, produced in the protected chestnut forests of Mount Athos (Treaty Natura 2000)
It is one of the healthiest sweeteners with strong antioxidant properties, and powerful anti-bacterial properties.
Chestnut honey has been shown to be a great source of minerals, rich (probably the richest of all) in trace elements, also in fructose and tannins as well, due to the chestnut tree.
It causes perspiration, helps good blood circulation and is also a very good “tonic”.

This honey contains a large quantity of pollen grains, giving it a strong earthy and mild spicy flavor, peculiar smell -making it less sweet than other varieties of honey, with a slight bitter aftertaste.

100% Natural Raw Greek Honey
No artificial flavors/colorings/additives


CRYSTALLIZATION Is a natural phenomenon, confirming the purity of honey
Shelf-life (minimum): 36 months after packing
Packaging: Glass jar / Carton Box
Dimensions 8 × 8 x 9.5 cm
Net Weight 298g

honey bee ORIGIN: Mount Athos

floral-eulogia FLORAL SOURCE: Chestnut tree


A drizzle of Chestnut honey over pears and a cheese like Swiss Gruyere or
Pecorino make a wonderful combination, giving a subtle smokiness.
Adds a deep spicy flavor and aroma to a simple breakfast,
pairs well with old fashioned nut bread loaded with sweet butter;
it is the perfect sweetener for your favorite black tea.

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