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Wild Oak

Wild Oak Honey EulogiaWild Oak Honey Eulogia

Limited Reserve

In ancient times Greeks believed oak
trees to be blessed with mythical and healing properties. Today, Oak Honey is
considered among the most nutritious honey varieties in the world,
very rich in micro-nutrients (potassium, magnesium, etc.).
The secret of this Limited Reserve
Honey lies in its production at the virgin mountains of Peloponnese.
It is collected at an altitude of
over 1200 meters, far from any urban areas, in a place unaltered since the time
of ancient Greece.
In order to collect this exquisite
honey, our producers must hike for up to 9 hours into the mountains to reach
their beehives. Due to this demanding production method, this variety of Wild
Oak Honey is extremely rare.

Tasting this wild oak honey could described as
“licking nectar from trees”.
A complex honey with notes of wildflowers,
oak and ‘herbal’ flavors and a slight hint of ‘salted caramel’

100% Natural Raw Greek Wild Oak
Non-GMO – No artificial flavors/
colorings/ additives


CRYSTALLIZATION Is a natural phenomenon, confirming the purity of honey
Shelf-life (minimum): 36 months after packing
Packaging: Glass jar
Dimensions 8 × 8 x 7.5 cm
Net Weight 298g

honey bee ORIGIN: Central Peloponnese, Greece

floral-eulogia FLORAL SOURCE: Wild Oak Tree


The caramel tones of this wild oak honey, paired with the creamy and salty cheddar,
make for an indulgent combination.
It is also the perfect complement to blue cheese;
serve with cheese platter, nuts and dried fruit or combine with spicy roasts.

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