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Eulogia Greek Fir Honey Receives Gold Award at BiolMiel 2012

We are proud to announce that our Eulogia Organic Greek Fir honey has received a Gold medal at the at the sixth annual BIOLMIEL International Competition for the best organic honeys. In addition we also received a Silver medal for our second submission of Greek Fir Honey. Both of our fir honeys were submitted, reviewed and awarded for the Unifloral-Honeydew category.

This prestigious organic honey competition took place in January 2013 in Bologna, Italy and was administered by an international jury who evaluated over 170 organic honeys from around the world. The BIOLMIEL jury is comprised of Italian and foreign expert honey tasters who evaluate each honey by taste, chemical and physical analysis.Eulogia Organic Greek Fir honey is the only Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) honey in Greece, collected in high altitudes in mountainous Vitina, Peloponnese. Having a unique pearly sheen appearance, this raw and extraordinary honey is produced from the honeydew left behind by microorganisms on the bark of fir trees after feeding on the tree sap rather than nectar from flowers.

Our gold-winning organic Greek Fir honey will be released as a limited edition series and will debut this June at the Specialty Food Show in New York City. Our silver-winning organic fir honey will be joining the ranks of our standard honey line and will also be available this summer.

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