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New Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil on Gulfood 2017

I promised you that I will inform you about our new product, which disclosed on Gulfood Exhibition 2017 in Dubai.
Here we are.
New Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
This is the desired product which God blessed. We thank God who also blessed the ground, the olive trees and the Laconic bight. Ground is our canvas and the olives are our paintings. Additionally, sea is the best gift because its aromas hug the olives and the air is fresh and unique. This is how we are able to produce high in quality olive oils.
So, I show you that awesome olive oil, which cannot be compared with any other staff. It is organic, it is extra virgin, it is a unique olive oil. You could not know its aroma, if you don’t smell it. You could not know its taste if you don’t try it. But, you can imagine it. Imagine licking ambrosia of the Peloponnese woodland and smelling the aromas of the nature and the sea all in an utterly delicious mouthful. This is how our New Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil can be described.
For the above reasons, thousands of people visited our booth in Gulfood Exhibition 2017 in Dubai and some of these tasted it and smelled it. Furthermore, Emirates Airlines showed great interest, because they realized the value of this olive oil. It is noteworthy that Selfridges, Dean and Deluca and Quatar Airways were also intrested about our products. They admired all of them, but mostly our New Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
Summing up, you must try this superb olive oil, because you worth it.
Olives are our routine. Olive oil is our life. Our life is Eulogia of Sparta…

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