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Honey, an “ally” in physical exercise

Physical exercise is a way of life for many people. But some people make dietary mistakes before, during and after it. The result? They do not have the maximum of the benefits that it could offer them. If you were to ask me what would be the best solution, I could certainly answer that is honey. The honey provides to the body carbohydrates, that give the necessary energy. The body, after consuming honey, is equipped with a premium quality fuel, in order to act properly and productively, without feeling particularly tired or lack of energy. Furthermore, the absorption of the carbohydrates of the honey from the body is much higher and more effective than the absorption of other formulations. In addition, honey helps in a proper blood circulation, which is of paramount importance in physical exercise. Besides, honey unless it is full of vitamins and nutrients, it is an easily digested food, ideal for use before exercise without either burdening the stomach or creating a feeling of swelling. It is noteworthy that it is beneficial for people who do light or even more harder exercise. In conclusion, nutrition plays an important role in efficiency, physical activity and physical fitness and carbohydrates must be included, because they provide energy to the body. Last but not least, an important source of carbohydrates and energy is Eulogia of Sparta’s thyme blossom honey.

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