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Choosing the best olive oil

We all know olive oil. Most of us consume it daily. But few are the ones who know that olive oil is divided into classes based on its quality. Even fewer are the ones who know the basic differences of each category. This article is going to inform the consumers and pass on information that will help them choose the olive oil they will consume next time. In particular, the categories of the olive oil that are established by the European Union and are common to all countries where olive oil is produced, are the following: Extra virgin olive oil, Virgin olive oil, Processed-Refined olive oil. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is of excellent quality with perfect aroma and intense fruity taste. It comes from the cold pressing of the olives without adding water at the olive press. That is because we avoid to destroy the vitamins and nutrients from the temperature increase. More specifically, this is pure olive oil, without industrial processing. Its acidity ranges from 0 to 0.8%. Acidity reveals the quality of the oil, the lower the better. Additionally, it has been observed that olive oil with low acidity has good organoleptic properties, which is also the most important quality criterion for oil selection. The next category of olive oil is virgin olive oil, which is also produced directly by the olive with mechanical means, but its acidity can reach up to 2%. Processed and Refined Olive Oil is an industrially processed product that due to its processing has lost its valuable nutrients and has an acidity not exceeding 1%. It is a mixture of refined and virgin olive oils to improve its quality, it has good but not strong taste. Except for the above three main categories there are other types of olive oil, such as organic olive oil produced in non-fertilized olive groves, insecticides and olive mill tanks, are washed and tested in order not to mix the product with a previous batch. Besides, no processing takes place in the process of its maintenance and bottling.
Now, you are undoubtedly aware of the categories of the olive oil, so when choosing olive oil you have to prefer the best one.
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