2013, a year full of awards for Eulogia of Sparta’s Organic Greek Fir Honey

BiolMiel is an initiative created to award and spread the high quality culture of organic honeys, and to support biodiversity and a production management inspired by social accountability criteria. Our Organic Fir Honey awarded a silver medal high quality on BiolMiel 2013 Awards. The Sofi Awards have helped the Specialty Food Association advance culinary excellence and […]


Organic Honey from Fir

Honey is divided into two main categories. There are blossom honeys and honeys from trees. On the one side, blossom honeys are produced from the nectar of the flowers. On the other side, there are honeys produced from the juice of forest plants. Fir Honey belongs to the second category, produced by the secretion of the fir […]


Which food could be combined with honey

Honey is necessary, because it can benefit our body directly. The ways that can be consumed are varied and the reasons even more. It is recommended to be eaten plain, with yogurt, with rusk and bread, even in milk or tea as a substitute for processed sugar, but even as dressing in salads. If we […]