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Organic Heather

Organic Heather HoneyOrganic Heather Honey
Great Taste Top 50 Three Star Eulogia Of Sparta
Biomiel Award Eulogia Of Sparta Products
Great Taste Three Star Eulogia Of Sparta
Great Taste Golden Fork Eulogia Of Sparta

Heather honey is included in the elite of Mediterranean honeys!
It is produced from bees that feed on countless blossoms of Taygetos heather forests, at an altitude of 1200 meters.
It is a dark, fragrant flower honey with a lingering floral finish.
This honey variety crystallizes in one to three months, it has high nutritional value, as it is considered to be the most nutritious of all honey varieties.
Rich in iron and protein, it has been praised since ancient times for its medicinal properties.

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Heather honey has one of the strongest and most pungent flavors, reminiscent of toffee spread and salted butter caramel.
This raw heather honey has such an amazing color and texture with complex fennel,
liquorice and leather notes that made one Great Taste judge describing it… as simply “divine”


Organic, 100% Natural Raw Greek Honey
Non-GMO | No artificial flavors/colorings/additives


CRYSTALLIZATION Is a natural phenomenon, confirming the purity of honey
Shelf-life (minimum): 36 months after packing
Packaging: Glass jar / Carton Box
Dimensions 8 × 8 x 9.5 cm
Net Weight 298g

ORIGIN: Taygetos Mountain, Peloponnese Greece

floral-eulogia FLORAL SOURCE: Wild Heather


Strongly aromatic, Heather honey has all the strength of dark honeys but without being too assertive.
Its fabulous bouquet makes a very nice contrast to blue, sharp stilton cheese;
may add depth of flavor as a topping on creamy desserts, panna cotta or ice cream.

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