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Olive is the most valuable and the ultimate living symbol of Greece.

Walking through the groves of ancient Sparta, you can experience a complete immersion within nature, making the senses perk up and come to life like never before.
At first, you will see a pristine land followed by a calming silence, and somehow feel all the wonderful smells of the trees and wildflowers that you swear you can almost taste.
There’s still something else lingering there;
something that is a bit difficult to put in words other than a ‘sixth sense’. An important part of Greek history, culture and tradition is right there, in those Olive groves.
Come take a walk with us…

‘Eulogia of Sparta’ olive oil is produced by the first extraction of hand-picked olives, within 24 hours of harvesting. Mechanical or hand pressing are the only methods used without allowing the heating in the olive mill. It is Organic Certified (DIO, USDA), of Very Low Acidity <0.3%

This superior category olive oil is the result of our love and commitment to our long family tradition

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