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Olive oil. Myths and reality

Each product has its myths that do not correspond to reality and affect the consumers. Olive oil is also has its myths. A lot of people believe they are getting fat. However, it is beneficial for the body and helps the metabolism to work properly and therefore to lose weight. That is why dieticians recommend it. Another myth is that olive oil has more calories than other oils. In reality this is wrong and it is more beneficial because 1 gram of olive oil contains much more nutrients than any other oil. In addition, the oil is wrongly considered less digestible than other oils. Another myth about olive oil is that it should not be used at very high temperatures, but the truth is that it can also be used for frying. In addition, many consider it appropriate to keep the oil near the heat-radiating stove, or on the kitchen counter exposed to sunlight. But in reality it is inappropriate. The best storage is dark-colored bottles like Eulogia of Sparta‘s and in dark and shady places. It is worth mentioning the fact that the olive oil has no expiration date is a myth. It has a specific life span and over time loses its nutrients. Finally, another myth is that olive oil is qualitative only if it has a specific color. This is clearly not true since the different color tones of olive oil are affected by its production area. So we need to be informed for the olive oil before we consume it and not believe any information that does not correspond to reality.

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