Great Taste Awards of 2016 and Eulogia of Sparta

Have you ever thougth what is an award? Have you ever thougth what an award means?
First of all, an award is the verification that our products are the best of all the other similar staff. Secondly, it is proved that our products are universally recognised. Finally, we know that our labor had a positive result.
Everyday, we do our best to improve ourselves and love our routine. We could not think of our lives without producing honey and olive oil. What is life and why are we living? We are living to create and do things we like. More specifically, we like creativity. We are fond of things that make us happy. We never stopped that.
Additionally, we choose the best raw materials to produce wonderful and tasteful products. All of them are healthy and organic. All of them are delicious and their aroma is special. This is how we produce unique product and high of quality. The secret of success is not in our brains, but in our hearts. That is why Eulogia of Sparta’s Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Wild Oregano Honey won 1 star on Great Taste Awards 2016. Consider that Great Taste has been described as the ‘Oscars’ of the food world and the ‘epicurean equivalent of the Booker prize’.
If you were to ask me what products I would recommend you to choose, I would certainly answer you to choose only awarded products. The reason is that they are simply…. the best!

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