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Financial Times awarded Eulogia of Sparta

The Financial Times (FT) is one of the world’s leading business news and information organisations. FT announces many prestigious awards.
One of these is Eulogia of Sparta with its Thyme Honey, which declared as a luxury honey.
First of all, “The taste test: luxury honey”, as they call it, is nothing more than what title says. Particularly, the Financial Times found some experts in honey who tasted 13 honeys. They boast thyme, acacia, saffron, blueberries, borage, manuka and lavender on their labels and came from Britain, France, Spain, Greece, Croatia and Austria. All of these were fabulous, but they highly recommend Eulogia Thyme Honey. As they said: “We felt that the bees may have strayed on to some fruit trees: “strong flavour, fruity tang”(PB); “well-rounded, hint of apples?”(MK).”
Summing up, when talking about luxury honey, you refer to Eulogia of Sparta’s Thyme Honey!

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