Eulogia Debuts at the NASFT 2012 Fancy Food Show

Eulogia Debuts at the NASFT 2012 Fancy Food Show

Exhibiting at the 2012 Summer NASFT Fancy Food Show was probably one of the more exciting events we’ve participated in as a business.  The National Associate of the Specialty Food Trade (NASFT) holds two shows annually, one in the winter (on the west coast) and one in the summer (on the east coast).  This is an opportunity for NASFT accepted specialty food related businesses to show off their products and meet with thousands of retailers, distributors, restauranteurs, etc. who are on the lookout for new and exciting products in the hopes of making available to the public.
While at the 3 day food extravaganza, we met and chatted with many of the well known national retailers such as Whole Foods, William Sonoma, Fairway Markets not to mention numerous smaller chains and mom and pop shops from around the world. Guests were encouraged to taste our Greek raw honey varieties as well as try our organic extra virgin olive oil, which was either sipped from a cup or dipped in bread (courtesy of our exhibiting neighbor Joe) from Average Joe’s Artisan Bread.

We were very flattered and proud to hear feedback from leading retail buyers after stopping by our booth and trying our premium Greek products. Elizabeth from gourmet foods purveyor Chelsea Market Baskets in New York City said, “we really loved the color gradient of your honeys and thought the olive oils were really nice too.”

Not only was the show a great way to get our products noticed and to learn what folks in the specialty food industry had to say about them, but it was surely an invaluable learning experience!  This is one show you just cannot afford to miss!

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