Do you know what is the top?

The top is something that is above of all the other similar kinds.

The top is the one that is distinguished because is unique.
The top is Eulogia of Sparta’s products! More specifically, their taste is awesome and cannot be compared with any other staff.
Additionally, they are totally organic which is of principal importance!
So, that is the top…
We are waiting for you to taste our top products in Gulfood 2017 exhibition in Dubai on 26 February – 2 March at Modello Group, Stand No Z5-E29.

Time is counting down for the Gulfood 2017 exhibition in Dubai…

The Eulogia of Sparta team is thrilled to announce its valuable secret at the upcoming Gulfood 2017 in Dubai. Visit our booth and let us embark together on a journey of the senses through this outstanding new product. In our booth, you will also be...

How can an ordinary consumer evaluate the olive oil with quality, organoleptic criteria (fruity, bitter and spicy)?

The oil is normally tested in special blue short glass but if there is a lack of that, "We can put it in a spoon and let it slowly flood the mouth: don't hurry to swallow. Let it descend. Open the mouth to get some air, in order to pull out its arom...

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