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Premium Organic Greek Honey

Greek Honey is considered as a natural superfood, that should be adopted in our daily routine as it is very rich in antioxidants, may improve heart health, it is a natural antibacterial and boosts the immune system.

Our 100% natural, superior quality honey is produced from bees that feed on countless blossom and wild plants, in very specific and carefully selected regions around Greece, under the best conditions because of the climate and soil characteristics.

These are our ‘classics’ , the most famous Greek honey types, filled with vitamins and full of flavour and energy, now coming in a new colorful packaging edition!

Top Notch Awarded Products

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Premium Greek Honey
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Greek Organic Olive Oil

Most Important Awards

Sofi Awards Fir Eulogia Products
Golden Fork Eulogia Products



A perfectly balanced, bright gold green olive oil with a delightfully fresh, grassy,

apple peel aroma, with fine texture and exceptional fruity taste.

Elegantly packaged, is a special gift for food lovers, that transmits authenticity, luxury, quality, nature’s excellence …

(packaged in a black crock of 500ml, comes in a premium gift box)

limited reserve ultra premium organic evoo eulogia
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